Do you need a chimney repaired in Urmston, a lead flashing replaced in Stretford. Or maybe your chimney leaks and you live in Walkden. We can sort it out. We do it all. We repair chimneys all over the Manchester area.

We repair chimneys in Manchester

We carry out chimney repairs in Greater Manchester, Urmston, Davyhume and Flixton M42, Sale and Brooklands M33,  Stretford M32, Eccles, Peel Green, Winton M30. We repair all  types of chimneys around Walkden, Worsley or Boothstown M28, Trafford M16. We fit chimney pots or chimney cowls around Chorlton-cum-Hardy M21, Tyldesley and Asttley in Manchester M29.

Phone Terry Birtwell the roofer of Manchester to check out your chimney problems.
Get an estimate and repair that leak on your chimney flashing or point your chimney stack  .   .   .   .   .
We repair chimney stacks, point brickwork, remove chimney pots and fit rainhoods and cowls on all types of chimneys.
Free estimates for chimney repair work around Manchester

Free estimates for chimney repairs

Chimney pointing and repairs carried out in Manchester logo

We also fit chimney cowls and pots

Guaranteed chimney stack repairing by Manchester Roof Repairs

Guaranteed chimney stack repair work

Get your chimney repaired by a Local Manchester roofer.

We do an excellent roofing repair

All our estimates are free of charge and we can call at your convenience. We work over weekend and after 5pm for those that work. We put all of our estimates in writing.

Chimney stack pointing, building, removal, cleaning in Manchester

All types of roof repair work carried out by an experienced local Manchester roofing contractor with over 25 years experience.

What we do to repair chimneys

  • Point, render or repair all types of chimney stacks around the Manchester area. 

  • Replace loose chimney flashing to stop water penetration from damaging ceilings.

  • Take down redundant chimney stacks and slate or tile over allowing for ventilation.

  • Cement loose chimney pots or patch point up any loose chimney brickwork
  • We carry out all types of repairs on chimney stacks including the removal of old aerials satellite dishes or telephone cables. We sort out leaks with chimney flashing and condensation problems. Fit chimney cowls and nets to stop birds.

Chimney repair  services.

We carry out most types of chimney repair work around Manchester.

Free estimates for chimney work.
All chimney refurbishment  Guaranteed
We welcome SMALL or LARGE chimney repair work anywhere in Manchester UK.
Chimney pots secured, brickwork pointed up.

We cement chimneys and brickwork

Leaking chimney stack repair work

Chimney leaks repaired

New lead flashing or repairs on chimney stacks

Chimney lead flashing repairs

Chimney brickwork grinded out and pointed up like new.

Pointing chimney brickwork

Terry Birtwell a Manchester roofer who gives estimates for repairs to chimney stacks.

Terry Birtwell a reliable roof repairer from Manchester has over 25 years experience fixing leaks on oraround chimneys etc.

Free roof repairing quotations around Greater Manchester for all chimney repair work

We give insurance and storm damage reports.

We carry out work for landlord or tenants.

We've been fixing leaks on chimneys for years  .  .  .

Over 25 years repairing chimneys that leak has taught our Terry a thing or two. He has learnt to do a decent job at a reasonable price, gaining respect and trust from his many satisfied customers.  He does a good job.

From replacing a piece of lead flashing that has worked it's way loose to taking down a complete unused chimney stack and tiling over. We've done the lot. Pointing and fitting chimney cowls. Replacing bricks.

Damp issues cured on all types of roofs. Condensation problems arising from lack of ventilation or damaged insulation felt sorted. Brickwork on chimneys cleaned, waterproofed and treated with weather retardant solvents. We lower stacks or build the brickworkup. There is no work on a chimney we can't do.

Repairs to lead flashing at the base of chimneys, repairing lead work on roof valleys and troughs. Fitting new wire bird cages to prevent birds from nesting. We remove old aerials, satellite dished and excess wires

Chimney cowls, vent tops for ventilation
Small chimney repairs a pleasure

From a bit of loose flashing to rebuilding a stack

We do not charge for coming out to estimate repairs

Small chimney repair work carried out in Manchester UK
Quotation for free no obligation estimate to get that leaky chimney sorted out

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Send a text to request a free no obligation to have your chimney stack pointed, repaired or taken down if you live in Manchester.

You could send me a text message

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Chimneys. There are loads of different types.

The Romans used chimneys when they built buildings to make bread. It would draw out the smoke caused by there primitive fire stoves. Around the 12th century AD chimneys started to appear all over the larger houses in Northern Europe. By the the time of the industrial revolution there were huge chimneys built for factories with large furnes that produced such thing as steel products or to expel steam from mills producing cloth.

Around Manchester it was said that it proved a mans worth if he sported an ornate type of chimney pot on top of his chimney stack. It soon become less desirable in the 60's when gas fires became the vogue. They were removed in the hundreds to be exported and collected by wealthy Americans who thought it their time to own some heritage. Chimneys would be capped off and slated over only to become major problems through condensation once double glazing was introduced in the 80's. Then as fashions change log burning stoves would become the in thing to install so back went on the pots.

During the Second World War Manchester got blitzed with the bombs and when it came round to have the buildings  revamped the terracotta type of pot were the things to fit.

To-day it is a sad site for a good roofer to look over the skyline of Manchester and witness the missing pots off on the majority of houses.

Read and learn more about chimney pots.
Chimney stacks in Manchester being repaired by Roof Repairs Manchester

This is what it looks like for us as roofers repairing chimneys around Manchester UK